Dr Balesh Jindal Art


Balesh is a doctor by profession, yet she has been painting for more than twenty five years. Balesh has had many group and Solo shows in India and abroad. Her paintings adorn the walls of numerous prominent art collectors within the country and abroad. Her artworks have been featured on the cover of a leading design magazine Ideal Homes and Gardens in October 2013 and again in January 2014.

Amongst her most reviewed shows are a three city show in South Africa in 2012 ( sponsored by ICCR )

A successful solo show at the Visual Art Gallery titled Relative Identities , which received tremendous response by the press and art critics and was a sellout on the opening night itself.

A solo show at the Nehru Centre, London (sponsored by ICCR ) 2014 received good reviews by the UK media.

Balesh generally refrains from giving a title to her paintings because she finds that a word, or phrase, can never truly articulate the emotion. She however, accompanies her paintings with a verse

Balesh has honed her skills with the palette knife. Her works have a very rich texture and luminosity as she combines the art of painting and sculpture on paper. Its a magical process as the paints roll on the canvas directly from the tubes and the knife gently guides them on the canvas or paper .

Her art can best be described as expressionist and semi figurative. Her works have a romance and a mystical quality that just has to be experienced. The viewer is transported to the imaginary world of beauty, mystery and unsaid nuances . The essence of her art has to be felt in silence. The viewer has to unfold the story within herself. Such is the impact of her works that the viewer may interpret the same work differently depending on her inner mood .

The obvious question is why a doctor would feel the need to paint. ‘Why not’ says Balesh .It is most natural for a doctor to feel the need to express her self esp. when one is inundated with so much suffering, so much misery and so much observation of the human race. Watching the best of people fall to the lowest depths and the worst of them rise to saintly levels of goodness. The mind is numbed by questions and doubts and then all one can do is turn to art. It turns into a form of meditation for her. Why figurative? She has been asked over and over again. People, and the way they live and behave fascinate her. She keenly observes each fleeting emotion on the faces she sees and stores it in her mind.

Balesh smiles and quotes Sartre

“Everything has been figured out,
Except how to live!”

Balesh Jindal Exhibitions:

– Jharokha Art Gallery Group show 199

– Geeta Art Gallery Oberoi and Marriot Hotel 1996 1997

– Visual Arts Gallery India Habitat Center Group show 2003

– Open Palm Court Gallery Group show 2006

– Kalptaru Society Exhibition Vasant Continental Hotel Group show 2006

– Collectors Stop Group show 2006

– Aniha Art Gallery 2007

– Delhi Gymkhanna Club Group show 2007 Aniha Art Gallery

– Open Palm Court Gallery “Relative Identities’ Solo Exhibition 2007

– Strokes “ Chinmaya Mission organized by Aniha Art Gallery 2007

– Art wall Radisson Hotel organized by Nayan Art Gallery 2007

– Open Palm Court Group show 2008

– Art Mall Women’s Day Art show 2008

– Shanta Art Gallery “ Midsummers Night Dream’’ solo show 2008

– Alliance Française Group Show 2008 organised by Delhi Diary

– Visual Arts Gallery Group Show 2008

– “ Twenty Twenty” Group Show Mystiq Art Gallery 2008

– Dhoomimal Art Gallery Epicenter Gurgaon 2008

– “Spring Of Our Discontent’’ Mystiq Art Gallery Solo Show 2009

– All India Women’s Art Show Art Mall 2009

– “Summer Scent’’ Gita Art Gallery 2009 Group Show

– All India Contemporary Art Competition Art Mall ONCE UPON A TIME” A solo Show INDIA HABITAT CENTRE 2009

– Group Show NEHRU CENTRE Mumbai 2009 Mystiq Art Gallery

– Group show Luxurion Hyat Regency Mumbai 2009 .Mystiq Art Gallery

– Solo show Indo German Chamber of Commerce 2009

– Group Show sponsored by Seagrams India ‘ Wine Art’ Mystiq Art Gallery 2010

– All India Art Competition Art Mall 2010 ‘Stree’ Women’s Art Show Art Mall New Delhi 2010

– Group show Mumbai Cricket Club titled ‘Cheers’ . 2010

-Group Show PHD chamber of commerce 2010 Kalptaru Society

– Solo Show ‘ As You lIke It’ Azad Bhavan Sponsored by ICCR ( Indian  Council of Cultural Relations) 2010

– ’Stree’ Group show at Art Mall 2011

– Group Show Sheraton Hotel Organised by Kalptaru Society 2011

– Solo show preview ‘As You Like It’ sponsored by Miele Dec. 2011

– Solo show ‘As You Like It’ Visual Art Gallery India Habitat Centre Dec. 11

– Group show in South Africa sponsored by ICCR in 2012

– Pretoria, Johannesburg , Durban

– Rhythm of Elements Visual Art Gallery Delhi Solo show March 2013

– The Nehru Centre, Solo Show London March 2013 ONCE UPON A TIME”

– Colors of Life Group show of 100 Indian artists. Art Mall Visual art Gallery June 2013

– Rhythm Of Elements Series 2 Visual Art Gallery Solo show January2014

–A Summer Affair Taj Man Singh Hotel May 2014 Solo Show

– Colors Of Earth Group show at Gallery Nvya by Kala Care June 2014

– Indo Hungarian Art Show 2014 A group show of prominent Indian and Hungarian artists at the Hungarian Cultural Centre

– Lexicon Art Fair 2014 Ambience Mall

– Affordable Art {a group show }Alfa Art Gallery New Jersey USA Jan. 2015

– Kettle Art (in aid of Nobel prize winner Satyarth Bharati s Bachpan Bachao Adolan} 2015

– Hope’Group  show at American Centre Delhi ( organised by Kala Care)2015

– India Art Festival Mumbai ( Nehru Centre) Dolna Gallery 2016

– Dubai Art Fair ( World trade Centre) 2016

– Index Art Conclave Mumbai 2016

– Melting ( group show) organised by Kala Care  for Global warming. American centre 2016

– Red Door project group show / Art Design Consultants ( Cincinnati Ohio USA 2017)

– Wings of Change ( Kala Care at the American Centre 2017) For the uplift ment of women

– Artistagram Group show Visual Art Gallery organised by Uchaan. 2017

– The Hague Netherlands ( Indian Embassy) Group show August 2017

– ‘Noir’ black and white art at Stainless Art Gallery Delhi . Group show 2017

– Grey ( organised by The American Centre and Kala care) at Sridharini gallery Delhi 2018

Recent Awards

-Dr. Balesh Jindal was awarded the Award for Compassion by Stanford University (she was chosen from people from over 200 countries and 250,000 participants) and was invited by Stanford University to meet the Dalai Lama in 2014.

-Balesh presented His Holiness the Dalai Lama with her painting.

Her work has been covered by BBC. Com and various foreign journals. . In spite of a busy medical practice Balesh supports schools and NGOs who work for the cause of sexual abuse amongst very young girls and is invited for counselling sessions for the children.